Thursday, September 22, 2011

Romy Schneider // What's New Pussycat?

So pleasantly surprised to see Romy Schneider while perusing my daily dose of NOWNESS!  The NOWNESS article catalogued A Knotty History of Hermés; here, the actress is wearing the "Les Cycles" silk scarf.  I first took a liking to Romy because of how irresistibly darling she is in the film, What's New Pussycat (1965); her beauty is fresh and very approachable.  Here she's pictured with Alain Delon, with whom she feel in love on the set of Christine (1958).  Partners until the early-mid '60s, Delon has said that his "greatest love story was with Romy Schneider."  You can read up on both Romy Schneider and Alain Delon here - a blog I came across while searching for images.  The picture here channels early images of JFK and Jackie Onassis, although the particularly youthful look of Alain Delon here prevails the tone of the photograph.
Romy costars in one of my favorite retro comedies, What's New Pussycat (1965) (above) - Woody Allen's first full feature original screenplay, and his first Hollywood acting role.  Allegedly, "a film that perhaps sums up mid-'60s pop culture better than any other" (IMDB).  My first experience with the film was on a flight from Paris back stateside.  With very little expectations in place, the viewing had me beside myself in laughter.  My abdomen was in a knot, and I imagine the person in front of me would have had something to say about it, had it not been for his pinot gris and Ambien cocktails.  Starring the hysterical Peter Sellers - king of one of my favorite films of all time, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964) - and the dashing Peter O'Toole alongside a roster of beautiful actresses including the original Bond Girl, Ursula Andress, the film is satirical and ridiculous, not at all realistic, but entirely entertaining if you enjoy the absurd.

Here, Peter O'Toole and Romy Schneider:
Here, most of the cast, and the culmination of the plot:

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