Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Florrie // "Experimenting with Rugs"

If my style and my best friend, Nasu, had a baby, it would be Florrie in this video.  Love the editing, love the hair and makeup, love the styling, just plain loving Florrie.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Louis Vuitton // FruitStripe Zebra

While getting my dose of Vogue Daily, I came across a pair of shoes for which I swooned:
I am enamored by the sense of levity exuded by these jaunty numbers - not to mention the prospect of mirthfully stepping out of a cab in these lovelies. Needless to say, these Fruit Striped Zebras from Louis Vuitton SS11 now grace the wallpaper of my BlackBerry.  You can see more of Phil Oh's street style snaps from summer market for Resort 2012 collections in the Vogue Gallery.  Also consider checking out his street style blog, Street Peeper.

Wait, back up a second... "Fruit Striped Zebras," you say?  Yea.  Remember this?
 If you don't remember Fruit Stripe gum, it is either because you weren't a kid, or didn't have kids, or grandkids, or didn't babysit, and maybe just didn't own a television, in the mid '80s and through the '90s.  It was fruitier and more sickeningly sweet than Juicy Fruit, and the time for which it took the gum to loose all its malleability and feel like a rubber ball in your mouth was about a tenth of what would be considered the norm in sugar-loaded gum.  But damn, that gum was sexy.  The pack was tantalizingly multi-colored, the gum itself had colored Zebra stripes corresponding to the flavor of the stick, and best of all, it came with tattoos.  From what I can remember, these lasted about as long as the flavor of the gum.  Oh memories...

Back on track, these Louis Vuitton Zebra heels are available for sale in a gold/deep red/merlot color palette, as seen on Emma Watson.  However, as much as I do enjoy the stylings of Miss Watson, I personally prefer the heels in the FruitStripe "magenta" color combo.  And, unlike the quickly fading flavor of FruitStripe gum, I could enjoy these here and there for years to come.  Throwback thrown forward.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Penguins Collide Into Darkness // Scandal!

Leona Lewis just released a new single, "Collide," which features sampling from the piano melody of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  One of my favorite songs of 2011, and possibly of all time, is "Penguin" by Avicii, which samples the same piano melody from Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  Evidently, there is either a scandal, or if not a real scandal, then certainly confusion brewing and stewing over the producing credits and sampling credits of Lewis' new release.  In case you haven't heard yet, have a listen of all three songs so that when you do, you'll have the ear of reference!

Penguin Cafe Orchestra // "Perpetuum Mobile"
Avicii // "Penguin"
Leona Lewis // "Collide"
Avicii // "Fade into Darkness" - vocal remix of "Penguin"
And just one more version, from my adored Avicii... "Penguin" Club Mix
Still standing strong for #TeamAvicii, here is Kap Slap's Mashup, "Penguins Collide into Darkness"

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Miroslava Duma,

Teach me how to get to where you are at the age of 25.  I've got one year to the week to catch up to you!
 Miroslava "Mira" Duma, at the mere age of 25, has a boasting repertoire as a young female, first and foremost, but thereafter, a writer, style icon, humanitarian, and even a mother!  A former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, and currently a freelancer for various publications in Russia, this explains why she is constantly photographed at various fashion weeks around the globe, and for style blogs such as Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist and NY Magazine's fashion blog, The CUT.  You can see a day to day montage of Miroslava's style on her own Look of the Day blog portion here: Buro 24/7 // Look of the Day.  Miroslava also founded a charity fund called Mira's Planet, or Planeta Mira.  Much to my dismay, I am only able to find a link to this organization that is entirely in Russian.  If you can read Russian beyond the twenty or so words I know only how to speak, you can read about Planeta Mira here.  

In case all this talk about Mira's coveted style, beauty, and success is having you feeling a little overwhelmed with envy, I will provide you with a telling sample of the words I know in Russian, in hopes of reassuring you that not everyone is as amazing or cool as Mira.  Sour cream, or сметана, pronounced "smee-tana"; I love you, or я люблю тебя, pronounced "ya lyu-blyu tebya"; bitch, or сука, pronounced "suka"; good-bye, or до свидания, pronounced "do svidaniya"; sausage, or колбаса, pronounced "kolbasa."  

Mira, if you read this, please note... I am not asking that you sophisticate me in Russian, I am happy to stick with my current Western/romance language arsenal for now.  Spasibo and pakka!  (Thank you and [informal] bye!)

"Sunshine" and Rhythm // my dream feat. Rye Rye and M.I.A.

I can't help but think I would have much better rhythm if this was my playground beyond the first few years of my childhood. I am proud to say, though, that I currently own, or have owned, a version of almost every article of clothing and accessory featured in this video. Safe to say that where I missed out on acquiring enviable rhythm, I compensated with more than enough late '80s / early '90s prints and gear. The one thing I do not own, and although I probably would never wear it, I'd like someone to own it: M.I.A.'s shirt that says "Fuck Google, Ask Me." She's a bad ass, and Rye Rye is totally adorable. What else can I say?