Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Untitled // Unabridged

April seven, two thousand-eleven,
By way of a dream I journeyed to heaven:
My heart is beating out of my chest,
This feeling will not allow me to rest.
All I can focus on is the feeling at hand,
The feeling you have before seeing the man,
The man who you've held, for so many years,
But never close enough, to bring you to tears.
Suddenly I'm here, in this new domain,
Knowing only as much that this feeling won't wane.
But what to expect outside of this conviction,
Is unknown to the extent of lovely affliction.
Uncertainty is enlivening in one way or another,
While steadfast the hope you'll always have each other.
Optimism wares when its roots are insincere,
But the truest kind leaves you with no ounce of fear.
So I stand my ground and patiently wait,
Minute after minute, nerves start to abate.
Then all of a sudden, I sense, I feel...
Oh my god, it can't be real!
I turn around and our eyes lock,
Before I know it, my body's in shock.
His arms around me, his kiss, its paralysis!
I wonder what this is but can offer no analysis.
The loss of all meaning of time and space,
Everything disintegrates as our hearts together race.
My legs feel like jelly, my arms feel light,
What's pumping through my veins is the furthest thing from fright.
This feeling running through me is purely euphoric,
This energy between us is highly caloric.
I relish in the moment, I savor his lips,
The surge carries down, into my hips.
Our bodies are close, together hearts beat,
It takes all of my energy to stand on two feet.
The beauty of it is, I'm not afraid to fall,
My heart believes he'd catch me, flaws and all.
Now who can say what the future will bring,
But in the moment right now, its not even a thing.
Nothing else bears weight as we stand here eye to eye,
I feel so happy, I'd feel ready to die.
This is the thing I've been waiting so long for,
Its everything I hoped for, but so much more.
The prospect of what's more to come,
Makes me feel both deaf and dumb.
Its overwhelming, all of this,
But I'd trade the world to stand here and kiss.
Lucky for me to trade there's no need.
The stars have aligned, they have indeed.

Suddenly I stir, and then I wake.
"Not a chance in the world that that was fake!"
But so it seems, this moment has passed,
So far-gone, who knows, but alas...
Here I am, nowhere but here.
This dream for me was quite a sheer.
A turn for the better from what has been,
Almost hard to go back to "real life" again.
Albeit vague, the time and even the face,
In my heart, this dream will hold a place.
Whether it was real or completely not,
This experience has bore on me a spot.
A spot of which I have no desire to rid;
A spot for which I would take no bid.
A moment had is never mislaid,
Only better moments can cause it to fade.
So cheers to life and forward motion,
Reviresco from your lovely potion.