Friday, July 15, 2011

Penguins Collide Into Darkness // Scandal!

Leona Lewis just released a new single, "Collide," which features sampling from the piano melody of Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  One of my favorite songs of 2011, and possibly of all time, is "Penguin" by Avicii, which samples the same piano melody from Penguin Cafe Orchestra.  Evidently, there is either a scandal, or if not a real scandal, then certainly confusion brewing and stewing over the producing credits and sampling credits of Lewis' new release.  In case you haven't heard yet, have a listen of all three songs so that when you do, you'll have the ear of reference!

Penguin Cafe Orchestra // "Perpetuum Mobile"
Avicii // "Penguin"
Leona Lewis // "Collide"
Avicii // "Fade into Darkness" - vocal remix of "Penguin"
And just one more version, from my adored Avicii... "Penguin" Club Mix
Still standing strong for #TeamAvicii, here is Kap Slap's Mashup, "Penguins Collide into Darkness"



  2. I am on Team Avicii, but I do like your remix - thank you for posting!