Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Miroslava Duma,

Teach me how to get to where you are at the age of 25.  I've got one year to the week to catch up to you!
 Miroslava "Mira" Duma, at the mere age of 25, has a boasting repertoire as a young female, first and foremost, but thereafter, a writer, style icon, humanitarian, and even a mother!  A former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, and currently a freelancer for various publications in Russia, this explains why she is constantly photographed at various fashion weeks around the globe, and for style blogs such as Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist and NY Magazine's fashion blog, The CUT.  You can see a day to day montage of Miroslava's style on her own Look of the Day blog portion here: Buro 24/7 // Look of the Day.  Miroslava also founded a charity fund called Mira's Planet, or Planeta Mira.  Much to my dismay, I am only able to find a link to this organization that is entirely in Russian.  If you can read Russian beyond the twenty or so words I know only how to speak, you can read about Planeta Mira here.  

In case all this talk about Mira's coveted style, beauty, and success is having you feeling a little overwhelmed with envy, I will provide you with a telling sample of the words I know in Russian, in hopes of reassuring you that not everyone is as amazing or cool as Mira.  Sour cream, or сметана, pronounced "smee-tana"; I love you, or я люблю тебя, pronounced "ya lyu-blyu tebya"; bitch, or сука, pronounced "suka"; good-bye, or до свидания, pronounced "do svidaniya"; sausage, or колбаса, pronounced "kolbasa."  

Mira, if you read this, please note... I am not asking that you sophisticate me in Russian, I am happy to stick with my current Western/romance language arsenal for now.  Spasibo and pakka!  (Thank you and [informal] bye!)

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  1. aren't you so excited i introduced u to my favorite russian woman?? :-* xxAK
    and ya tibya lyublu toje