Thursday, March 17, 2011

Journal // Perception

>> "to each our own" we experience the world. through a lens uniquely crafted by our upbringing, we see the world... this world we all share. these lenses not only determine how we see the world, but how we experience it - these lenses define our outlook, and thus who we are, or rather, who we see ourselves to be as individuals, and as a part of the world. culture, beliefs, values, people, morals, philosophies... every nuance of perception is determined by our lens: how these things diverge uniquely and differently through the lens of each individual. so to change one's lens... is to change how you perceive the world as it comes to you. what change in a lens catalyzes a change in your perception of something like... freedom. commitment. foreigners. love. justice. let's think some more about that. <<

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